Embroidery Showcase: The Garden People

Posted on February 07 2022

This week in the spotlight, we are looking at The Garden People!

Gardening is difficult. And, even though we do it on our day off, it isn't too much fun. When weeds are in the way, and pots are ripe for planting, we could really do with someone who knows their way around a rake.

That's why we're proud to present The Garden People, a gardening company based in Haworth who know a thing or two about green spaces. These green-fingered specialists can resurrect your garden, or just give it a tidy when you're too busy. They are the botanical lifesavers you've been looking for! Check out their profile here.

Keeping our gardens neat is important - as important as keeping our workforce neat too! If you're in the market for a new logo and a couple of polos, you'll want to check us out. Get enquiring here!


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