Embroidery Showcase: Broome Island

Posted on February 14 2022

This week in the spotlight, we are looking at Broome Island!

Today's instalment is quite exciting. Broome Island is a new community interest company - meaning it is a place of interest that is being renovated! The old campsite in Keighley is currently under construction to create something wonderful - and hopefully a place we can all visit soon! In their words:

In 2020, four friends decided to come together to renovate and improve a former campsite on the River Soar, owned by a local Scout group, and turn it into a community space and campsite. This will benefit the local community of Barrow-upon-soar and the wider area.

Broome Island CIC was formed to undertake and co-ordinate this work. So far we have cleared the land, repaired the roof of the hut and renovated the Jetty. 

This exciting undertaking will mean a lot for the surrounding area, and we can't wait until it is up and running. You can check out what the company is doing in the area on their website.

At Speak's, we love innovators and creators. We like to think that we do both those things too, spurring our business on to new heights! If you too want to be part of some business innovation, freshening up your uniform is a great start! Check out what we can do for you here



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