Embroidery Showcase: HWC Supplies

Posted on August 09 2021

This week in the spotlight, we are looking at HWC Supplies!


PVC. Not something we normally focus on. But when we do, we realise - it's everywhere! Good thing HWC Supplies are experts. In their words:

One of the fast-growing companies in the UK & Ireland, we supply PVC Wall Cladding systems, Wall protection,Tile effect wall sheets, Sealants and Adhesives. With our full commitment towards our customers we focus on serving you for the long term, not just your next project.

We offer a huge range of PVC products and adhesives. The result of busy environments is often subjected to extensive wear and tear, resulting in unsightly impact damage. Incorporating Wall Protection products is a key design factor, ensuring longevity of a building’s interior whilst helping to reduce maintenance costs and the need for repairs and redecoration.

PVC is all around. From hospital corridors to fancy toilets, wall cladding is used in a lot of places and it is so important to do it right. That's why we're glad to be featuring HWC, who have teams of skilled installers on hand with years of experience. Keeping places safe and stylish is definitely our cup of tea. Check out their website for more. 

When you're contracted to work in important places, it's paramount that you and your team have a professional look. That's why we're thrilled than HWC have chosen us. A simple design can look so effective on a sweat or polo shirt - giving your customers an outward glance of what you can do.

Improving first impressions is a uniform away. Speak's Workwear has just what you need! Just head on over to our embroidery page for enquiries and more!


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