Embroidery Showcase: Beever Personal Care

Posted on January 10 2022

This week in the spotlight, we are looking at Beever Personal Care!

Beever have created a range of shampoos and conditioners, specifically designed to promote healthy, luscious hair. In their words:

Beever is a range of salon quality haircare products, specially formulated in the UK by professional hairdresser, Steve Beever. Beever are known for having transformative results, using a special formulation of protein based amino acids to repair and rebuild hair from the inside out in the same way that nature does.

Their unique formula is free from harmful parabens and sulfates, so you'll never have to worry about frizzy or unhealthy hair again! Whether you're a bottle blonde or a curling wand wizard, you can be sure your hair will stay in tip-top shape with Beever! Check them out here!

We're so glad that a company dedicated to personal perfection has chosen us for their embroidery. After all, you can feel great on the inside if your uniform looks great on the outside! If you want to begin your transformation today, click here enquire today.


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