Embroidery Showcase: Newby Primary

Posted on December 27 2021

This week in the spotlight, we are looking at Newby Primary!

Primary school holds some of our most important early memories. It's important, then to send our kids somewhere kind, confident and successful and - as the logo says - Newby Primary is just that place. In their words:

Our vision is to help each child to find and develop their whole potential in order to become fulfilled, respectful and productive members of our ever changing diverse society. We believe we are creating future leaders of themselves, their community and the world.
This year we are re designing our curriculum to ensure that we give our children every opportunity, whatever their starting point, wherever they come from, an ambition for the future by developing their ability to be resilient, reflective, resourceful and collaborative.

This Bradford school helps young kids develop their academic skills, whilst also nurturing their creative and interpersonal ones too. The curriculum is vast and the Ofsted results speak for themselves. This is a wonderful school, and you can read just what they're all about on their website.

For students and faculty alike, this logo stands for the kindness, the confidence and the success children will experience while they learn here. We love that this design will be seen by so many, with its rainbow colours and fun font. We also love that its message is clear, strong and meaningful. That's the kind of embroidery we love to see.

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