Embroidery Showcase: Dentzilla

Posted on May 17 2021

This week in the spotlight, we are looking at Dentzilla!

This vehicle body repair shop is exactly what you need if you've lost your battle with that pesky bollard again. They are experts at dent removal. In their words:

Dentzilla is a vehicle repairs company, which provides minor repairs and paintless dent removal.

We all know that just one cosmetic problem on your car can ruin that perfect aesthetic - so do Dentzilla. They are well-practised at small fixes that restore your vehicle to its top-class look. Shiny, smooth and classic. Take a look for yourself.

Here at Speak's we feel we have something in common with a company that strives for perfect looks. We like to think their use of our embroidery service is an endorsement of our own perfectionism - when it comes to service and design.

If you too have an eye for detail, why not share it with someone who shares that eye? If you want a whole new uniform, Speak's Workwear has just what you need! Just head on over to our embroidery page for enquiries and more!


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