Embroidery Showcase: BEE Academy

Posted on November 15 2021

This week in the spotlight, we are looking at the BEE Academy!

BEE Academy are a professional performing arts academy, an off-shoot of the successful BOLT Academy, based in Manchester. They help train the future stars of stage and screen. In their words:

Our mission is to be the central hub for young performers in the North of England, and to provide a clear direct route for young performers aged 3+ who have a passion for performing and have ambitions to work in the industry. Our talented team at BEE Academy promise to give all the support and guidance our students are going to need to succeed. With our tuition and their talent, the sky is the limit!

Here at Speak's Workwear, we adore the perfoming arts, darling! And what a perfect way to nurture local talent and help them make it big. We are such fans of the work BEE, BOLT and other academies are doing for young performers, and we hope you are too! To check them out, visit their website and explore the work they've done.

With their high standards, we are thrilled to know that the Academy loves our embroidery! With such smart logos, who wouldn't love wearing that sweatshirt, even in Summer? 

If you want to add some pizzazz to your uniforms today, Speak's Workwear has just what you need! Just head on over to our embroidery page for enquiries and more!


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