Embroidery Showcase: Gisburn Auction Marts

Posted on June 21 2021

This week in the spotlight, we are looking at Gisburn Auction Marts!

You need cattle? Gisburn is the place to be. With twice-weekly livestock auctions, you can get your hands on all the best cattle - including prime beef, hoggs and lamb. They are a premier auction mart and they always deliver!

So feel free to visit their website and check out weekly auction reports and get to see just what they have on offer! To stay even more up-to-date, they also have a Facebook page, full of auction updates and fun tidbits!

One thing we know for sure: they are extremely happy with their new uniforms, and glad to be smartened up for all their auctions!

And if you too want to conduct business smartly - in uniforms with your very own logo or bespoke font - Speak's Workwear has just what you need! Just head on over to our embroidery page for enquiries and more!




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