Embroidery Showcase: Yazz Hairdressing Academy

Posted on July 19 2021

This week in the spotlight, we are looking at Yazz Hairdressing Academy (featuring a new kind of photo)!

In the immortal words of Fleabag, 'hair is EVERYTHING'. And how right she was. If the pandemic lockdowns taught us anything, it's that hairdressing is NOT easy. Thank goodness, then, Yazz Hairdressing Academy is here to help. In their words:

We believe education is key – we employ a full time in-house educator who supports our trainees and keeps our Creative Team up to date with new techniques and cutting styles.

We regularly attend seminars, cutting courses and are frequent visitors to the TIGI Academies in London and Manchester. Here we are encouraged to be bold with our creativity inspiring us to move forward and re-evaluate the things we have previously learnt.

We come back into the salon with renewed enthusiasm and passion, in turn passing this on to clientèle.

Dying, cutting, washing and blowdrying - all skills we at Speak's are yet to master. But at Yazz's, you can be learning from the best local and international hairdressers. The work that Yazz's do seems boundless, and you can check it all out here.

Just like Yazz's salons, we love to branch out. Today's picture is little bit different, showcasing just what you have at your disposal should you choose Speak's Workwear. Not just polos and sweats, but bags, hats, umbrellas - even teddy bears!

If you want to vary your brand with exclusive products baring YOUR logo, Speak's Workwear has just what you need! Just head on over to our embroidery page for enquiries and more!



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